Saturday's Inspiration

By Katarina - 11/04/2017

Hello my dear ones & welcome to my new post!
For this lovely weekend I got some fashionable autumn items I would like to share with you. 
You can find them on Zaful.

1. V Neck Sweater has the lovely colour and it gives a bit of a contrast to the autumnish weather. 
It's super cozy and warm.

2. Jeans is something we all can't live without. It goes with almost every combination and it's comfortable to wear.

3. Denim Jacket  is the piece that suits everyone and you can even borrow it from 
your older sister or mother, aunt, because they wore it for sure too. 

4. Long Scarf is just a necessity. This one is super long and warm. 
You can wear it in different ways and adjust it to your current mood.

5. Wine Red Bag - I like this colour for this time of the year. 
This was is large and for the long days out. You can never miss it with the good bag.

6. Knit Hat is in the same wine red colour and it's adorable 
so I have to recommend it to you also.

Surprise code ZFEN is waiting for you.

What do you think about the pieces?

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50 коментара

  1. Predivan izbor. Mnoogo mi se dopada ovaj čudni džemperčić. Izgleda jako mićno ^_^

  2. Very well choices dear. I like specially the jacket and bag 😊

  3. Odličan izbor draga. Mnogo volim kape, a ova je definitivno savršena ❤️❤️❤️

    I follow you: Visit and follow ----> Marija's blog

  4. I love your selection!! Zaful is the best!


    El rincón de Paulagc.

  5. Great post in the blog :)

  6. Super post. samo tako nastavi ;)

  7. These picks are so cute! I love all of them.

  8. I liked your look, I did not know your blog, I will continue visiting you, I like your style.

  9. These are definite must haves! Great post (:

    Alys /

  10. Svidja mi se sve sto si odabrala. Super post.

  11. Onaj uvrnuti belkasti džemper je vrh! Nemam ga lično, ali iako deluje malo čudno ovako, zapravo na osobi deluje ekstra. Viđala sam ga po fotografijama, ali i jednom- dvaput uživo i stvarno je super. Odličan odabir, draga Katarina. :)

    My blog: Ana's blogger life

  12. Great picks! Loving the bag here...
    ig @grace_njio

  13. Que lindas peças, Otimas escolhas!
    Otima semana!