Pro Spin Brush for Perfect Skin

By Katarina - 3/01/2018

I was thinking about products for face and body cleansing these days.
I used many different products, masks, scrubs, gentle brushes. This is the one I found very interesting and want to talk to you about today.
Pro Spin Brush for Perfect Skin - Face and Body - it's the electronic skin cleansing brush with four cleansing parts.

The brushes removes makeup and cleansing skin, they help reduce oil areas, dry skin patches and blemishes. Minimize appearance of visible pores and fine lines and also helps remove dead skin. You can safely use it in the shower because it's waterproof.  It operates with 4 AA batteries, pretty easy to use. You attach the brush you want and just turn it on.

The brushes:
1. Pumice stone - Remove the death skin with it easily and effectively.
2. Gentle facial brush - The most soft brush that looks like a sponge. You can use it every day for the nice and pure skin.
3. Exfoliating facial brush - the brush that looks the same like the biggest brush. When you need good skin repair, just not too often, this little thing is perfect. Once a week is quite enough.
4. Body brush - you can use it for gentle cleansing your body skin. 

My own routine is to use body brush twice a week, facial brush for gentle cleansing every morning, exfoliating facial brush about twice or three times a week in the evening and pumice stone every time I feel the need. This is a nice economic set that is also travel friendly. 

The similar beauty products and much more you can find on GearBest, the online shop where you can find a lot of different useful products, not only for beauty and care, but for electronic, hobbies, sports, fashion and a lot more. 

When you shop at GearBest you can use beauty products coupon/discount code HEA15OFF.

Tell me about you cleansing routines? What products you like to use?
Have you heard about the Pro Spin Brush I talked about?

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44 коментара

  1. I really love those brushes!!!

  2. Ovo je odlicna stvar i planiram da kupim uskoro nadam se... :)) Odlican post :))

    Moj novi blog, ako zelis zaprati, uzvraticu, samo ostavi komentar :))

    Novi post

  3. These are really perfect for the skin.

    Bernie, xx

  4. I've been considering buying a brush like this for cleansing routine. It's always nice to know about a bit more these kind of products. Thanks for sharing! :D


  5. I've never tried such a brush as I find that harsh exfoliation causes me to break out most of the times! I do love the body brush though! Looks like a really good product!!!

    Olga from Myme

  6. I've never tried that kind of brushes, but I really want to try it! :)

  7. Great product, look really useful! Nice review darling.
    Enjoy in weekend! New post is on my blog! ♥
    Visit me, Malefica

  8. Već duže vreme tražim nešto sa čime ću moći stvarno lepo da očistim lice, a ova četka deluje kao prava stvar! Možda isprobam. :)

    Novi post na Misseslandy

  9. Divaaan post! Slike su odlicne! :)
    Nadam se da ces ostaviti komentar na mom zadnjem postu :)

  10. Great post! <3

  11. Very interesting product:)

  12. Such brushes aren't good for skin - especially acne prone, they can make micro wounds on skin, silicone sonic brushes are way better for skin since they are easier to clean and remove bacteria after use and they use sonic technology which is way milder to the skin :)

  13. Such a wonderful brush!

  14. Obožavam ovakve aparatiće za čišćenje lica. :) odlični su za problematičnu i masnu kožu. koristila sam razne ali ovaj nisam probala. Cena je baš povoljna <3

  15. It looks like a great item! I would love to try it!

    Thanks for sharing!


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