The Complete Guide To Find The Perfect Prom Dress

By Katarina - 3/19/2018

It's almost beginning of the prom season, the most exciting time of the year for many girls. Before my prom night, some years ago, I thought about one thing only - the prom dress. If the dress is perfect, the evening will be perfect too. Knowing that, I made a plan, few months before the big evening. I'm giving you the plan completely, so you can find the dress you'll fall in love with too. Let's begin.

Make a plan
Start to think about it at least couple of months before. Plan your steps and walk trough them. Decide what's your budget and always have that in mind. Add all the little things you'll need, like shoes, purse, accessories. It's the night when you have to be stylish, fashionable, classic but chic, and beautiful. So you better work on it. 

Choose the dress type 
The best way to find a perfect dress is to look around. Search the internet and find this season hottest dresses. Watch tv shows, red carpet events, fashion channels and decide what you like the most. Look at the online stores, also look at your local stores, you may find something similar to the dresses you saw online. 

Choose the fabric
It has to be something that make you feel comfortable and good about yourself. You should feel amazing in it. Will it be satin, chiffon or lace, it's up to you.

Match the dress style to your body shape
To ensure the ideal look and fit find out what is your body shape. The dress has to hide your flaws and accentuates all of your best features.It has to flatter you completely.

Choose a color
Color always represents your personality. Red means elegance, passion and self-confidence. Black is for those who are mysterious and elegant. Grey and silver are also the perfect colors for you to look sofisticated and to feel romantic and beautiful. Pink is for pure romantic soul. Orange is bold and bright. Purple is bubbly and blue is calm and meaningful.

Try on different styles
Whether you are curvy, slim, a bit short or a tall one, you have to take time for trying different styles. It's the only way to see what's your true fit.

Choose the dress
Now is the perfect timing! You'll do well.

Make them to be perfect extras to your perfect gown. Choose a nice elegant shoes, classic little purse and a classy hairstyle. Pay attention when you're choosing jewelry too. And have this in mind: sometimes less is more.

Enjoy your perfect gown
Prom night has come. Prepare yourself to fully enjoy in it. Celebrate your own worth and your accomplishments.

As you can see in photos I chose, mermaid prom dresses are my favorite. I like how they are simple, but still elegant and classy. You can find them and more on

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  1. Sve su predivne <3 kako je zgodna ova devojka :) sve joj super stoji ;)

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