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By Katarina - 5/11/2018

Hello my dear readers!
These days, actually for months now I am thinking about my photos. How to improve them, do I have all I need for a good photo. Should I do white background or should I change it sometimes. I definitely decide to change it, it became a bit monotonous with a white all the time. So now I have different ones. 
Where I found them, you ask. I searched over the internet for quite time now until I found amazing backgrounds on SHOPBACKDROP.COM.

I was honestly surprised when I saw what they selling. The backdrops are super cute, fun, vibrant and amazing! They have so many different themes, like > Abstract, Baby & Kid, Birthday, Holiday and Seasonal, Flower Backdrops and much more. 
You can find theme in different sizes so they would be suitable for different photoshooting.
I know that Easter is over but I couldn't resist not to show you some of their beautiful and colorful Easter patterns. First one is perfect for some flat lay photography for instance. I would definitely use it for something like that. Second one you can use for family photo, you'll look super cheerful and happy there, I bet. 

Next one is perfect for flat lays too. And the last one I decided to show you is great when you want an outdoor photography but not actually going out. It's a great idea for me. 
Once in a while we all take family photos. Sometimes they are outdoors but other times they are taken in photo studios. Why would you go there now when on this online shop you could buy Muslin Backdrops that are perfect for this kind of occasions. 

For other various occasions you can use amazing Abstract Backdrops. I recommend them because in that folder you can find various themes suitable for family or single portraits. Also for some cute kid portraits. You can use them for blog photography, for creative Instagram photography or, if you are a professional, you will find all the different usage. 

How much you pay attention to the background of your photos? 
Did you find a perfect ones yet?
What do you think about these Backdrops I found? 

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  1. Estupendo post !! Me encantaria verte por mi blog muy pronto!!!Feliz fin de semana!!! ❤💛💙

  2. Koliko su meni prelepe slike na tvom postu, to nije realno, naravno i sama tematika posta 😄

  3. Thanks a lot :D

    nice recaps my dear :)

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  4. Loooove the backdrops!! The door is probably my fave <3
    Selina | Selina’s Inspiration

  5. So nice post, i like it!


  6. Predivne su fotografije draga :) obožavam tvoj blog <3 <3 <3

  7. Preslatke fotografije :) ♥

  8. Awesome sharing, babe! Love them all! xoxo

  9. These backdrops are all super cute ♥
    Thanks for sharing.


  10. Wow these backdrops are so cute.
    My favorite is the last one, it's so colorful and springy.
    Thank you for sharing this post. :)

    Visit my blog, Amaterska Umjetnost ♡

  11. Absolutely beautiful! :)

    Layla x